With an extensive fleet of plant, formwork and concreting equipment, our construction team comprising of qualified estimators, experienced site coordinators and specialised trademen, we are capable of delivering a full end to end concrete construction service for any small to medium sized industrial and commercial project.

Bulk and Detailed Excavations - with extensive fleet of Excavators ranging from 23 ton to 1.5 ton machines no job is too large or too small when it comes to digging and removing spoiled earth from site.

Foundations - we pride ourselves on possessing a keen eye for detail during the crucial phase of setting out and constructing the foundations for the project. We know that our works will not only be depended upon by other trades, but also the owners and occupants of the structure for many years to come.

Steel Fixing - Hall Concrete Constructions is accutely aware that the structural integrity of any building is dependent on the steel infrastructure of the concrete works. Our steel fixers are specialised in their field and will never compromise that quality and quantity of steel.

Site Coordinator - much like running their own business, our Site Coordinators are in charge of planning and supervising all aspects of the project. This involves communication and coordination with the builder, architects, engineers and other trades and detemining the construction sequence necessary to maximise process flow, materials, time and effort.

Site Foreman - working onsite fulltime, our Foreman oversee all field operations to ensure that all works are in compliance with construction plans and on schedule. Our Foreman hold at least 10 years experience in commercial concrete construction carpentry and proven leaders in maximising their respective teams productivity and staff engagement

Machine Operators - earth works require a high degree of touch and feel and understanding of the job requirements. Equipped with the right tools, our Machine Operators are highly skilled at their craft and are accutely aware that the foundation and integrity of the end product is dependent on their works.

Carpenters - our team of fully qualified Carpenters and Tool Hands are representative of the best Trades People in Melbourne and well versed in all aspects of concrete superstructure works.

Concreters - our Concrete team are skilled experts in concrete placement and finishing. In the knowledge that the finished product will need to withstand the test of time, our Concreters take pride towards ensuring their workmanship leaves a lasting impression of quality and durability.

Labourers - the unsung heroes of any construction site, Hall Concrete Constructions' team of labourers remain stedfast in supporting the trades team and maintaining productivity onsite. Our labourers take pride in maintaining a clean, tidy and safe working environment.

Hall Construction Group

Hall Construction Group

Hall Construction Group